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Morganna`s Alchemy

10 years in 30 days treatment By MORGANNA’S ALCHEMY - 4x10ml
Koko: 4x10ml

toimitus 7-12 arkipäivää.

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The ultimate treatment with products using cutting edge stem cells and peptides to bring back your youthful look in just 30 days. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO SEE? • Skin’s barrier function is improved, increasing hydration levels and suppleness. • 56% reduction of pigment spots after 6 months of use • A 45% increase in skin tone and 35% firmer skin in just one month. • The overall texture of the skin improved; roughness decreased • Reduction of lines, wrinkles, large pores and redness of the skin Directions for use: Start your morning by applying Step 1 all over your clean face and neck area. After full penetration, apply Step 2 all over the face. Make-up may be used once the skin is dry. Clean your face in the evening from dirt or make-up, and apply Step 3 on the skin before bedtime. After the skin is dry, apply Step 4 all over the face and neck area. Step 1. Beauty starts with an even skin tone - Protects against photoaging for a bright and radiant skin - Radiation from exposure to the Sun is responsible for 80% of the visible signs of aging, leading to pigment spots, wrinkles, loss of firmness and roughness. Step 1 – packed with highly efficient Lingonberry stem cells, is designed to protect and repair the skin from damage from the radiation of the Sun. This cream will reduce redness of the skin, pigment spots and inflammation of the skin by up to 50%, leaving the skin bright and radiant. Step 2. Radiant Skin Regenerate. Protect. Reinforce - Damage from environmental pollution causes our skin to look dull and to become sensitive. This light gel will form a protective shield restoring the capacity of the skin to regenerate and defend itself against the daily stress. Your skin will look less tired, moisturized and will regain its healthy glow. Step 3. Youthful Intense Collagen boosting serum - Our skin should always be elastic, look moisturized and snap back with no crepiness. The Youthful formula with platinum and carefully chosen state of the art peptides are designed to reduce sagging, wrinkles and to increase the firmness of the skin by up to 61% in just one month! Step 4. DEFYAGE Reduces wrinkles, Minimizes pores, pro-Collagen - Cutting edge technology of using plant based stem cells brings you a high impact anti-aging therapy. Stem cells from Elfe flower and Red Rose work symbiotically to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing redness and size of the pores. Awaken to a smoother and radiant skin with less wrinkles!

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